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Ningbo Salai machinery co.,ltd is China Plastic auxiliary Suppliers and Plastic auxiliary factory. We possessed a great deal of advanced vertical and horizontal processing centers as the main processing equipment. Our wholesele Plastic auxiliary are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of relevant CE certificates and ISO13485 standards. We have a strong R&D team and a professional management team. With strict quality control system, we have gained good reputation in domestic and overseas markets.

Industry knowledge

Plastic auxiliary equipment refers to a range of equipment used in conjunction with plastic injection molding machines to support the production process. The equipment is designed to improve efficiency, reduce cycle times, and ensure the quality of the final products.
Examples of plastic auxiliary equipment include:
1. Hopper dryers: Used to dry and store plastic granules before they are melted and injected into the mold.
2. Auto Loaders: Automatically load plastic pellets into the hopper of the injection molding machine.
3. Material handling robots: Automatically remove the finished product from the mold and place it onto a conveyor for further processing.
4. Chillers: Used to cool the mold and regulate the temperature during the production process.
5. Conveyors: Used to transport finished products from the molding machine to the packaging area.
6. Granulators: Used to shred and recycle scrap materials produced during the molding process.
Overall, plastic auxiliary equipment plays an important role in ensuring the efficiency and quality of the plastic injection molding process.

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