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Preparations Before Starting the Injection Molding Machine

1. Clean up the environment around the equipment, and do not allow storage of items unrelated to production.

2. Clean up the internal and external debris of the workbench and equipment, and wipe the injection guide seat and the tie rod of the mold clamping part with clean cotton sand.

3. Check whether the control switches, buttons, electrical circuits, operating handles, and handwheels of the equipment are damaged or malfunctioning. All switches and handles should be in the "off" position.

4. Check whether the safety protection devices of each part of the equipment are intact, sensitive and reliable. Check whether the test "emergency stop" is effective and reliable, whether the safety door slides flexibly, and whether the limit switch can be touched when switching.

5. The safety protection devices on the equipment (such as mechanical lock levers, stop plates, safety protection switches, etc.) are not allowed to be moved casually, let alone modified or deliberately disabled.

6. Check whether the screws in each part are tightened or loose. If any parts are abnormal or damaged, report them to the foreman. The foreman will handle it by himself or notify the maintenance personnel to deal with it.

7. Check each cooling water pipeline, try to pass water, and check whether the water flow is smooth, whether it is blocked or dripping.

8. Check whether there are foreign objects in the hopper. No items are allowed to be stored above the hopper. The hopper cover should be covered to prevent dust and sundries from falling into the hopper.

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