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What are the key technical parameters of the injection molding machine?

1. Technical parameters of injection molded parts

(1) Screw diameter: the outer diameter of the screw

(2) The effective length of the screw: the length of the screw thread (MM) is often expressed as L

(3) Screw length to diameter ratio L/D: the ratio of the effective length of the screw to the diameter

(4) Screw compression ratio V2/V1: The ratio of the volume V2 of the first groove of the screw feeding section to the volume V1 of the last groove of the metering section

(5) Injection stroke: the maximum distance of screw movement, the maximum distance of screw retreat

(6) Theoretical injection volume: the product of the JIE area of ​​the screw head and the maximum injection stroke

(7) Injection volume: the maximum weight of the screw that injects PS at one time (g)

(8) Injection pressure: the maximum pressure of the pre-melted material on the head during injection MPa

(9) Injection speed: the maximum speed of screw movement during injection (mm/s)

(10) Injection time: During injection, the shortest time for the screw to complete the injection stroke

(11) Injection rate: theoretical volume injected per unit time; screw JIE area × maximum speed

(12) Screw speed: the lowest and highest speed range of the screw when the material is plasticized

(13) Plasticizing capacity: the maximum weight of plasticized materials per unit time

(14) Screw torque: the maximum torque of the screw drive when the material is plasticized (N/m)

(15) Nozzle extension: the length of the nozzle extending from the front template and the mold installation plane

2. Technical parameters of the clamping parts

(1) Mold clamping force: the maximum locking force to overcome the melt expansion and make the mold lock

(2) Molding area: refers to the maximum projected area of ​​the clamping force under a certain cavity pressure

(3) Mold opening force: the maximum force to open the mold in order to take out the product

(4) Mold opening stroke: the maximum distance that the template can move in order to take out the product

(5) Template size: front and rear fixed and movable template mold installation flat size

(6) Tolerance modulus: the maximum thickness and minimum thickness of the mold that can be installed on the injection molding machine

(7) Template opening distance: the maximum and minimum distance between the fixed template and the movable template of the injection molding machine

(8) Tie rod spacing: the spacing between the horizontal and vertical inner sides of the tie rods of the injection molding machine (mm)

3. The performance parameters of the whole machine:

(1) The maximum driving power of the motor: the power of driving the oil pump motor (KW)

(2) Oil tank capacity: the rated capacity of the oil tank of the hydraulic system

(3) Machine volume: the maximum length × height × width of the shape of the machine

(4) Weight: the total weight of the machine

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