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Processing Suitability of Injection Molding Process

The plastics generally used for injection molding are divided into thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. The injection molding machine is to use the two plastics with the mold cavity that has been made of plastic and then makes various required plastic products through the cavity. All in all, Injection Machine is a kind of equipment for producing injection molding products.

First, the function

The main function of the Injection Machine is to dissolve the plastic. Above the melting point of the plastic, the plastic is in a molten state. Through the cooperation and design between the machines, after the plastic reaches the molten state, the hydraulic system can melt and releases a lot of pressure, and under the action of ultra-high pressure, the melt will be injected to achieve the purpose of entering the mold cavity.

Second, the structure is different

Injection Machines can be divided into many types according to different structures. According to the different structural positions of its clamping device and injection device, it can be divided into the horizontal injection machine, vertical injection machine, right-angle injection machine, and multi-mode rapid prototyping machine. The four models can be divided into plunger type and screw type according to the plasticizing device of the Injection Machine. The main difference is the difference in the lower part of the hopper during accommodation.

Third, the size

According to the size of the area of ​​the mold that the Injection Machine can control and the melt that can be injected at one time, the Injection Machine can be divided into ultra-small, small, medium, and large injection molding machines. In general, the area or surface of the mold processed by the Injection Machine is The larger the volume, or the larger the injected melt volume, the stronger the injection machine's working ability and the best processing ability.

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