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How to Control the Temperature of the Injection Molding Machine?

Injection molding is an engineering technology, which involves transforming plastics into useful products that can maintain their original properties. The important process conditions of injection molding are the temperature, pressure and corresponding action time that affect the plasticizing flow and cooling.


1. Barrel temperature: the temperature to be controlled during the injection molding process includes the barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature. The first two temperatures mainly affect the plasticization and flow of plastics, while the second temperature mainly affects the flow and cooling of plastics. Each kind of plastic has different flow temperature. The flow temperature and decomposition temperature of the same kind of plastic are different due to different sources or brands. This is due to different average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. The plasticizing process of plastic in different types of injection machines is also different, so the selection of barrel temperature is also different.


2. Nozzle temperature: The nozzle temperature is usually slightly lower than the maximum temperature of the barrel, which is to prevent the "salivation" of molten materials that may occur in the straight through nozzle. The nozzle temperature shall not be too low, otherwise, the nozzle will be blocked due to the early setting of the melted material, or the performance of the product will be affected due to the early setting material being injected into the mold cavity


3. Mold temperature: Mold temperature has a great impact on the internal performance and apparent quality of products. The mold temperature depends on the crystallinity of the plastic, the size and structure of the product, the performance requirements, and other process conditions (melt temperature, injection speed, injection pressure, molding cycle, etc.).


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