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How The Injection Machine Works

An injection machine, also known as an injection molding machine, is a type of machine used to produce plastic products through the injection molding process. Here are the basic steps of how an injection machine works:

Injection unit: The injection unit of the machine is responsible for melting the plastic pellets and injecting them into the mold. The plastic pellets are heated and melted in a screw and barrel system, which pushes the melted plastic through a nozzle into the mold.

Clamping unit: The clamping unit of the machine is responsible for holding the mold closed during the injection process. It consists of two platens, the stationary platen and the moving platen, which are hydraulically or mechanically operated to close and open the mold.

Mold: A mold is a custom-made tool that defines the shape and size of the plastic product. It consists of two halves, the cavity side, and the core side, which are held together by the clamping unit during the injection process.

Injection process: The injection process begins with the clamping unit closing the mold and the injection unit injecting the melted plastic into the mold cavity. The plastic is then allowed to cool and solidify, taking the shape of the mold.

Ejection process: After the plastic has solidified, the clamping unit opens the mold and the plastic product is ejected from the mold by the ejector system.

Repeat process: The entire process is repeated for each product that needs to be produced.

Overall, an injection machine works by melting plastic pellets, injecting the melted plastic into a mold, allowing the plastic to cool and solidify, and ejecting the finished product from the mold. It is a widely used manufacturing process for producing a variety of plastic products, including toys, automotive parts, medical devices, and more.

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