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High-speed Injection Molding Machine Function Description

With the birth of ultra-thin products, ordinary injection molding machines have been unable to meet the injection molding needs of thin-walled products, and the pressure and speed cannot meet the molding requirements, so high-speed injection molding machines have been produced.

In fact, more and more customers will ask to buy high-speed injection molding machines. Generally speaking, the purpose of purchasing an injection molding machine is to shorten the molding cycle, increase the output per unit time, reduce production costs, and improve competitiveness.

Equipped with a high-response servo system, it can provide the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow according to the needs of the action, without overflow loss, and the high-speed injection molding machine can save 30-70% of energy. Equipped with servo motor feed, compared with traditional oil motor, it is more energy-saving and more accurate in positioning (oil motor is optional). The movable template adopts a roller support system to reduce the energy consumption of mold opening and mold closing.

The high-speed injection molding machine is equipped with a computer controller, and the position and temperature control are accurate. Equipped with servo valve full closed-loop fuel injection system to ensure stable fuel injection (this is a high configuration, and the field machine is generally equipped with a proportional valve).

The oil circuit block is directly installed on the actuator, making the control more accurate and sensitive. Double shooting balance cylinders ensure even force on the shooting table.

High-speed injection molding machines are environmentally friendly, and standard pumps used in ordinary injection molding machines pollute a lot in terms of electricity, hydraulic oil, and noise.

The optimized design of the new locking mechanism makes the action of the locking mechanism fast and stable, which is 10%-20% faster than the previous generation. The standard mold opens and supports at the same time, which greatly saves the molding time (realizes the double-axis linkage between mold opening and support).

Servo motor feeding is adopted, and the molding time is shortened by 40% compared with the traditional machine (the three-axis synchronous movement of feeding, mold opening and mold support can be realized). The movable template adopts a roller support system to improve the efficiency of mold opening and closing. Large aspect ratio, double-line multi-mixing tube group, can be fully and quickly melted.

The entire module independently controls mold clamping, injection molding, feeding, and seating, which will not cause misoperation or personal injury. Hidden mechanical structure, fully enclosed board, high integrity.

In summary, the high-speed injection molding machine adopts a hybrid type of oil pump and servo motor. The advantage of the servo hydraulic system is that the soft start of the mold will not affect the power grid and avoid voltage and electrical radiation pollution. It can effectively prevent the oil temperature from being too high, and the cooling effect is good. Greatly reduce the replacement rate of hydraulic oil.

The servo hydraulic system can greatly reduce the noise of machine operation and production due to its better clicking sound and power system gear pump, which can better improve the working environment. Compared with the ordinary injection molding machine, the high-speed injection molding machine can save 60~70% of the total power, which greatly reduces the cost.

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