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Four Conditions for High-quality Injection Molding Products

High-quality injection molding products need to meet four conditions:

1. Use reliable injection molding machines for processing.

2. Use auxiliary equipment that meets the requirements, such as dryers, coolers, crushers and mixers, etc., because according to the requirements of the injection molding process, it is necessary to ensure that the plastic raw materials are completely dry and free of moisture. Therefore, raw materials must be dried through a dryer before injection molding.

3. Select suitable raw materials. New plastic raw materials purchased from outside and recycled secondary materials need to be fully mixed in an appropriate proportion before they can be used for production.

4. Hire high-quality technicians to adjust the machine. Before forming, the operator must test the mold to check its quality of the mold and adjust the appropriate process parameters.

Finally, according to the design requirements of the plastic product, the operator needs to color the injection molded part as a whole. At this time, it is necessary to add the corresponding colorant to the plastic raw material, and then fully and evenly mix it with the raw material. This is a very important step. , must be taken seriously.

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