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Basic Knowledge of Injection Molding Process

The manufacturing process of plastic products requires plastic molding first and then processing them into various plastic semi-finished products or parts according to needs. Injection molding is one of the main molding methods for plastic products. We all know that injection molding must be completed with the help of molding equipment such as injection molding machines and injection molds. This article will introduce the production steps and molding conditions of plastic products, let's take a look!

The so-called injection molding refers to the method of injecting heated and molten material into a mold, cooling and solidifying it, and obtaining a molded product. The specific process is to feed the granular or powdery plastic into the heated barrel through the hopper of the injection molding machine. When it becomes plasticized and molten, the screw will start to apply pressure, and then inject it into the low-temperature closed mold through the nozzle. At this time, the material will cool and harden to form the given shape of the mold cavity. Finally, the mold is opened and the colloid is taken out, and the injection molding process is completed.

Injection molding is a commonly used method in plastic molding processing, and it is suitable for all thermoplastics (thermoplastics are plastics that can be repeatedly heated, melted and cooled and hardened within a specific temperature range, such as ABS, PP, PE, PC, PA, POM) and some thermosetting plastics, and most plastic products are manufactured by injection molding. In addition to this, injection molding is also known as injection molding because it is an injection-cum-molding molding method. The molding cycle of the injection molding process is very short, generally a few seconds to a few minutes, and the quality of the molded products ranges from a few grams to tens of kilograms. It has strong adaptability, high production efficiency, fast speed, and automatic operation. The characteristics of molding are suitable for the production of plastic products with complex shapes, precise dimensions, various colors, large production volumes and metal or non-metal inserts.

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